Jan 1 2015

Can Psychic Readings help you to know about your passions?

I think it works. Few years back I met one of my mum’s friends, a professional psychic but we met as friends in a family dinner at mum’s place.  The lady is aged and very normal. Not as a gypsy as we usually think the psychic or clairvoyants are. The spoke in normal tone with me in fact I must say her looks were very urban considering mums. My mother is from south and she carries the heritage of that place even in her New York apartment.

The lady was well speaking and we were discussing about music- my favorite subject. I gradually learned that she was quite a good singer of her times in the 60’s. As mum introduced me the lady as Martha I started calling her with her name and she was fine with it. While having dinner she all of a sudden told me that I was a shepherd on my last birth and used to play beautiful flute and that was the time when Greeks were dominating the world. I was trying some gelato and all of a sudden looked at Martha. She continued that she can see me there as a poor shepherd boy with plentiful of talents. After going back home I used to play my iyre and suddenly stopped her and said that was complete crap and I actually don’t believe in that.

On that day Martha, through psychic readings told me my future. Today where I am standing I can say I know it on that day. Till date I am connected to the lady and she constantly encourages me. Whenever I am confused with anything, she helps me with her psychic powers.

Dec 31 2014

Pour my glass more as I sing…

Don’t you agree with my title? For me music is the best wine as I drank to the end. What about you? Now don’t tell me you don’t play music, don’t pat your fingers in the air to catch the rhythms? This is utter madness. I always move my whole body as if I am cherishing and drinking to music. My girlfriend Jessica didn’t like the madness anymore…she left but it didn’t stop my emotions for that. She called me a psycho! Yes I am if poetry, music, guitar is madness then I am insane. At least I am happy with my insanity.

Guys, does any of you going out for any beach music parties this 31st? The world will be welcoming another new year. What a madness! They never stop dreaming. They are always in a hope that they are welcoming a new sun, a new moon and the new days in their lives will never bring in any morbid events either! Is it that easy?

Will no other terrorist ever attack any school? Will there be no more plane clashes on the sky or will there be no accidents either on earth. They never stop thinking about ‘hope’. Do you remember the Hope fairy that came out of the Pandora’s Box soon after all the malicious insects released from the forbidden box? May be that hope fairy still exists and feel us that there will be another sun that will gift us a bright new day. Music is that Hope Fairy for me!


Dec 30 2014

We enjoy the Music Festivals!

There will be hardly anyone living on the Earth who does not enjoy music! If anyone is there, I doubt he needs help. What say? I am a globe trekker and whenever I heard that they are arranging a music concert or a music festival I rush for that. I love music from the core of my heart. You won’t believe how beautiful music the hippes used to make. It was a time when I was a Jimmy Hendrix fan and Dylan, Beatles, Rolling Stones they all crated a revolution. Any one of my contemporary must understand by craziness for the amazing music the aura and above all the ambience they used to create on stage.

Are you suffering from any kind of tension or stress? Are you going through a tough time in your career or your wife is constantly threatening you a divorce, then my friend get rid of all these tensions in a moment. Listen to music. May a tune, a solo guitar piece or even Ravi Shankar’s Sitar- you will feel relaxed my friend. I think the world loves music only to stay relaxed more than being entertained.

May be you can be helped by counselors or psychic readings but to kill stress, they may not help you as a beautiful novel, a poem or a piece of music can give you. May be as you listen to a harp, a drop of tear may fall from your closed eyes – that’s divinity of music, that’s the power of music. Try it and feel free from the knots of life.

Nov 24 2014

I can stole away and cry!

The hippies have always been great mysteries to me. Their passion, love, being astray from the society their bohemian lifestyle and above all their music have always made me thought about how they were.

The hippy Beat Poets have been a great source of inspiration for me. Jack Karouce, Ginnsberg and so many grew rebellious by staying naked as they believed that the skin is the god sent clothing or the natural dress of humans then there is no need to cover it again with some trash. Besides, they had a great weapon- their pen and the guitar they mostly played as they sing so many wonderful songs that later on became a game changer to the society that is always destroying and starting up fresh.

The hippies were homeless young fellows who mainly spend their days with marijuana, cigarettes, indulging in sex and with music. The trend setters stood against the way the society was then going on. They wanted to break off the claustrophobia and live under the sky considering the free will nature above all. This attitude, dexterity to live life out of the box gave them that power to  create a space of their own, a music form of their own. Listen to Jimmy Hendrix. He talks about that time. Bob Marley is also no exception.

Nov 23 2014

If Music be the food of love play on!

So many years ago Shakespeare understood the importance of music to such an extent that he considered the art form to be the “food of love”- another divine ecstasy that can also not be measured with earthly parameters. Music and love mixed together to form a heavenly aura everywhere.

Do you love music? Any particular genre? Or you are just a music fanatic like me! Who is ready to feed on any kind of music anytime and anywhere. What about Beatles by the beach with bonfire, friends, last counters in shared fags, cheap beers and the heavenly sprit everywhere. I love that. I love beach parties with music. I love to go away with my gang and spend nights there by the sea, listen to the waves for so long when all of them are asleep. I love the songs of the ocean that is all alone, but giant and sings! Isn’t that creates goose-bumps!

Recently I am trying my hands in a grand piano, I inherited it from my step grandfather who was a great patron of music in the 70’s. We still have his posters here and there in the room where he used to live in our old house. I have heard that he was a great guitarist of the old times when they mainly played Hawaiian. Donald, my step-grandfather was a hippie of their times. I heard his musical sprit was charged up by the classic marijuana they used to collect from some tropical areas.

I still have to learn about the hippy music, love, passion and their frustration.