If Music be the food of love play on!

So many years ago Shakespeare understood the importance of music to such an extent that he considered the art form to be the “food of love”- another divine ecstasy that can also not be measured with earthly parameters. Music and love mixed together to form a heavenly aura everywhere.

Do you love music? Any particular genre? Or you are just a music fanatic like me! Who is ready to feed on any kind of music anytime and anywhere. What about Beatles by the beach with bonfire, friends, last counters in shared fags, cheap beers and the heavenly sprit everywhere. I love that. I love beach parties with music. I love to go away with my gang and spend nights there by the sea, listen to the waves for so long when all of them are asleep. I love the songs of the ocean that is all alone, but giant and sings! Isn’t that creates goose-bumps!

Recently I am trying my hands in a grand piano, I inherited it from my step grandfather who was a great patron of music in the 70’s. We still have his posters here and there in the room where he used to live in our old house. I have heard that he was a great guitarist of the old times when they mainly played Hawaiian. Donald, my step-grandfather was a hippie of their times. I heard his musical sprit was charged up by the classic marijuana they used to collect from some tropical areas.

I still have to learn about the hippy music, love, passion and their frustration.